Pisco at Picca on Pico

It’s a tongue-twister, it’s a shining example of alliteration, it’s the new “rinse, lather, repeat.”

Peruvian cantina Picca (actually on Pico Boulevard), is a hot ticket right now. Monday must be one of their cooler nights though, as my Piscomate and I acquired two premier bar seats no problem. 

Said Piscomate works for the Rundown (rundown.com), which is precisely what it sounds like: the 411 on what’s cool and happening in various cities. We met up to talk about the site, which I will be doing some freelance writing for soon. 

He ordered the Chilcan de Anis – Pisco, lime, ginger syrup, anise syrup, Pernod, soda. I didn’t grab a photo, though check out the gorgeous presentation here, via theminty.com. 

I ordered the classic Pisco Sour, which was a frothy little sip of heaven:

Things we didn’t get that I’m saving for next time (I can’t wait!):

The Avocado Project – 5 Island white rum, fresh avocado, lime, agave

Rhubarb Sidecar – Cognac, Pisco, lemon, rhubarb gastrique, spiced sugar



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